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CAREstream America Announces Major Corporate Changes


CAREstream America, a premier product and services distributor for pain management, regenerative and aesthetic specialties, announces the acquisition of Catalyst Sales & Marketing (, a regenerative medicine solutions provider, effective December 21, 2018. This acquisition significantly expands CAREstream America’s product lines and offerings to its customers, particularly those in regenerative medicine.

Catalyst CEO, Bill Cramer remarked, “This is a pivotal moment for the regenerative landscape and this opportunity establishes our position at the forefront of this healthcare evolution.”

CAREstream America, based out of Altamonte Springs, FL, will merge Catalyst’s comprehensive regenerative portfolio with its existing products and revolutionize its vast physician network under Axiom Therapies. (

CAREstream America acquired majority ownership of Axiom Therapies, formerly a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nueterra Capital, on November 30, 2018. Axiom Therapies empowers clinicians to provide next-generation, cell-enhanced treatments founded on the principles of evidence-based regenerative medicine. Axiom Therapies will focus on Orthopedics, Pain and Rheumatology, with a full complement of regenerative therapies including: APIC-A2M, PRP/PRFM, Exosomes, Amniotic Fluid, Bone Marrow- and Adipose-Derived Stem Cell Therapies, and VitalityRED for ED.

The enhanced Axiom Therapies will be led by President Blake Petrunick with most of the Catalyst senior leadership joining him. “We are focused in the MSK space with an extensive roster of Regenerative solutions to bring solid, proven clinical outcomes to this evolving healthcare market,” commented Mr. Petrunick.

Regarding the industry-shaping merger, Chairman of the Board, Dr. Allen Sperry said, “documenting clinical outcomes of our therapies to ensure the optimum therapeutic regimen and protocols is our mandate.” He further mentioned, “Blake Petrunick, Bill Cramer, Jordan Jozwick and Brandon Cusick are as experienced and knowledgeable as any leadership team in this business today.”

This transformational merger creates pathways for accelerated growth, while ensuring FDA compliance and outcome measurements to make Axiom Therapies the regenerative leader in the MSK world.

About CAREstream America
CAREstream America is a division of CAREstream Medical Ltd, which has been serving customer’s respiratory and anesthesia needs for 20+ years. CAREstream America began in 2013 and distributes: pain management and aesthetic products from helping to shape and image the body to relieving the pain and anxiety of procedures. CAREstream America carry human med, Whale Imaging, Chemometec, Christie Medical and CMI – ranging from water-jet assisted technology to cell counting, ultrasound and vascular access imaging to nitrous oxide analgesia. The Gentec and Westmed lines offer a variety of medical products for patient care from suction products, adaptors, flowmeters and regulators to anesthesia, respiratory and critical care. (

About Nueterra Capital
Nueterra Capital is a private equity firm that invests in companies on the leading edge of healthcare reform. Nueterra Capital invests in healthcare providers, services, and technology companies whose business model reshapes the healthcare industry through advanced payment methods, innovative risk transfer models, data analysis, and advocating patient consumerism. (

Nitrous Oxide During Labor: Maternal Satisfaction Does Not Depend Exclusively on Analgesic Effectiveness

This study sought to compare the relationship between analgesic effectiveness and patient satisfaction with analgesia in women who delivered vaginally using nitrous oxide, neuraxial analgesia (epidural or combined spinal-epidural CSE), or both (neuraxial after a trial of nitrous oxide). “

    Patients who received nitrous oxide alone were as likely to express satisfaction with anesthesia care

as those who received neuraxial analgesia, even through they were less likely to report excellent analgesia. Although pain relief contributes to the satisfaction with labor analgesia care, our results suggest that analgesia is not the only contributor to maternal satisfaction.” Read the full study here. Study by Michael G. Richardson, MD, Brandon M. Lopez. MD, Curtis L. Baysinger, MD, Matthew S. Shotwell, PhD., and David H. Chestnut, MD from the department of Anesthesiology, Vanderbilt University Medical Center, Nashville, TN.

Pain, Pain Relief, Satisfaction and Excellence in Obstetric Anesthesia: A Surprisingly Complex Relationship

It has been stated that “In an era that is increasingly focused on patient-centered care, clinicians seek to understand the ways in which they can effect positive change in the patient’s experiences and outcomes. This is now recognized among the key skills of ‘excellent anesthesiologists'”. As part of a large academic medical center that used a large data set to examine the effectiveness and satisfaction – it was found that among those women who desired to use nitrous oxide, and actually did use it throughout labor and delivery, almost all were highly satisfied, despite only minimum, or in some cases nonexistent, analgesic effectiveness. Read the full editorial here by William Camann, MD, Department of Obstetric Anesthesiology, Brigham & Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, Boston MA.

Laughing gas in labor at Legacy ~ Legacy Salmon Creek offers nitrous oxide to women having babies for pain relief in lieu of other drugs

Women in labor at Legacy Salmon Creek Medical Center can now find some relief from an unexpected source: laughing gas. Last month, Legacy’s family birth center became the first in Southwest Washington to offer nitrous oxide to pregnant women in labor at the hospital. The nitrous oxide — which is a 50-50 mix with oxygen — can be used from the time the woman is admitted until the baby is born without any negative effects to mom or baby, said Shelora Mangan, clinical nurse specialist at Legacy Salmon Creek. Read more here.

Debridement and Autologous Lipotransfer for Chronic Ulceration of the Diabetic Foot and Lower Limb Improved Wound Healing

“Debridement & Autologous Lipotransfer for Chronic Ulceration of the Diabetic Foot and Lower Limb Improves Wound Healing” study led by Dr. Tilman Stasch examined the results from 26 patients with non-healing wounds that were treated with lipotransfer in addition to debridement. The conclusion is that Autologous fat grafts are able to achieve wound healing in non-healing ulcers of the lower limbs. Read the full study here.

UT Medical Center using Nitrous (Pro-Nox) to help moms get through labor!

“A pain management method that’s more than 100 years old is again becoming a popular choice among women in labor. Nitrous oxide, commonly known as laughing gas, was popular in the 1960’s before the days of epidurals and IV medication.” Read more Here!

The PRO-NOX™ is a pneumatically driven gas system designed to deliver a 50% oxygen and 50% nitrous oxide mixture to adult and pediatric patients for the relief of pain and anxiety in a medical setting.  Learn More Here!

Laughing Through Childbirth: Hospitals Offer Nitrous Oxide To Ease Labor Pains

Ask almost any woman who has experienced labor and delivery and she will likely tell you that despite its purpose it’s no laughing matter.

Now several hospitals in Connecticut hope to reduce some of the painful aspects of childbirth, at least the perception of it, by offering women the option of using a little nitrous oxide (AKA laughing gas) to help take the edge off labor pain. Read the full article here.