CAREstream America on industry panel at IFATS ~ Process Engineering of Fat Grafts

CAREstream America to participate in an industry panel on the Process Engineering of Fat Grafts at IFATS in San Diego – November 17th – November 20th!

This year’s first day Symposium will be dedicated to Process Engineering of Fat Grafts. A panel of leading clinicians, researchers, and industry leaders will discuss and debate all the aspects involved in the harvesting, processing, and injection of Fat Grafts. Details such as aspiration pressures, size and type of cannula, processing details such as washing vs. centrifugation, injection canal types, and depot size will be addressed critically pulling in all the available information and expertise of our panelists. This is the first time a panel of this depth and breadth has been assembled to look at all aspects of the fat graft process. Don’t miss out!

At the end of this session, we are also including an industry panel. Selected leaders in the field of adipose tissue, including CAREStream America, will present their latest state of the art technologies in a scientific presentation format. We expect this to be a very interesting new addition to our program.

Read the full letter from IFATS President Ricardo-Luis Rodriguez, MD here.