Lipo Collector 3®

Lipo Collector 3Easy. Efficient. Reliable
The most recent innovation of the LipoCollector® series stands out due to its particularly easy handling. As a gentle and efficient instrument, the LipoCollector® is ideal for the autologous fat transfer of medium and large volumes. The new LipoCollector 3 is designed for easy, fast and effective fat collection up to 1,000 ml. Now with a drain valve and a new mesh filter, the residual liquid in the lipoaspirate is reduced to 15% in a time saving way that still requires no further processing (no centrifugation).

Various techniques of fat harvesting and processing have been developed over the last decades. Harvesting and processing fat cells for autologous fat transfer was often a complicated and time-consuming procedure.

However, the use of a centrifuge as well as any other procedure of processing adipose tissue become unnecessary due to the fat-sparing and efficient water-jet assisted method of fat harvesting.

Simplified fat harvesting and processing
During the water-jet assisted liposuction the aspirated fat is filtered and collected in the sterile closed LipoCollector® system.

The aspirated adipose tissue and the irrigation fluid are immediately separated under vacuum conditions by the physical phenomena of buoyancy and gravity. This makes the use of a centrifuge, or any additional treatment of the fat prior to transfer superfluous.

The liquid content of the adipose tissue harvested in this manner is about 15%. This facilitates the distribution of the grafted fat in the host tissue, for example in the breast or in the face.

As a result, the LipoCollector® permits an efficient autologous fat transfer with predictably good results, that is easy to perform

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