Lipofilling of the Breast Does NOT Increase the Risk of Recurrence of Breast Cancer

This study by Kronowitz, et al examined 719 patients who underwent segmental or total mastectomy for breast cancer and followed 305 of those patients who had breast reconstruction with lipofilling of autologous fat during this extensive study. The study showed no increase in loco-regional recurrence, systemic recurrence, or second breast cancer. These findings support the oncologic safety of lipofilling in breast reconstruction. Read the full study here.

There was also a separate controlled study of the Oncologic Safety of Fat Grafting conducted by Gale, et al that examined 328 patients with previously malignant breast disease who underwent fat grafting at the Nottingham Breast Institute, where complete data for 211 was available and examined. The study found no evidence of increased oncologic risk associated with fat grafting in women previously treated for breast cancer. Read the full study here.