Ratings – Worth their weight in Gold!

March Marketing Madness – Tips & Tricks – Part I

No other marketing strategy has ever had as significant of an impact on directly increasing practice revenue as online reviews. Also known as user-generated content, authentic and frequent reviews improve the patient experience, send a steady stream of fresh content to your website, and deliver recurring insights to grow revenue.
Real Self Worth it Rating Chart

Ratings and reviews are the future of SEO. Those who wisely adopt this powerful sales and conversion strategy will benefit right now both online and in the office.

There are two main methods for ratings to hit the internet.

Unsolicited Reviews – where the patients adds a review directly onto the web through either blog boards or through a central repository such as Real Self. It is interesting to note in the chart above that the “Worth it Rating?” out on Real Self for the body-jet WAL is consistently higher than all the rest, with the current “Worth it Rating” at 90% for body-jet WAL.

Solicited Reviews – where you have your past and current patient database polled to get their survey results and testimonials out on the internet to directly feed into your website. Real Patient RatingsĀ® does just that and takes all the work and mystery out of the process for you.