Unleash the Potential of PRP

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) concentrates platelets growth factors and more to harness the body’s natural repairing mechanisms. CAREprp™ encompasses an FDA cleared breakthrough hourglass design to deliver high quality and versatile autologous PRP. 

How CAREprp Works™

The 25 ml hourglass-shaped tube was designed with 2 strategic openings for ultimate flexibility. After collecting blood and a quick centrifuge spin, plasma is separated with an easily identified buffy coat. The red blood cells are sealed in the bottom chamber leaving a natural, golden plasma solution for aspirating desired volume. This distinctive WorldPRP system has many benefits such as:

  • High quality PRP in a short period of time while protecting platelets
  • Adjustable volume and platelet concentration
  • Gel and plunger free
  • 3-minute centrifuge time
  • Cost effective

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Advantages of PRP

  • Rich in key growth factors
  • Induces collagen production & angiogenesis
  • Contains anti-inflammatory & anti-microbial components
  • Boost natural restoration processes
  • Autologous solution with low to no risk of rejection